18/09/2017 10:03 AM IST | Updated 18/09/2017 10:05 AM IST

The Indian Railways Has A Smart Idea To Reduce Quarrel Between Passengers: Reduce Nap Time

They will be watching you.

Danish Siddiqui / Reuters
A man sits on a berth inside the sleeper class compartment of the Kalka Mail passenger train on the way to Kolkata.

If you have traveled on a train, you sure have witnessed the fights over berths. The upper-berth passenger often complains that they are allowed very little time to eat their meals because the lower-berth passenger wants to sleep immediately after boarding the train. Meanwhile, the lower-berth passenger complains that they are unable to sit comfortably because the middle berth passenger continues to sleep till late.

So, the Indian Railways has decided to end this fight. Their solution is to ensure passengers sleep less.

A circular issued by the Railway Board says that the passengers in the reserved coaches can sleep between 10pm and 6am instead of 9pm and 6am to allow others to sit on the seats for the rest of the period.

Yes, there was always a sleeping time rule in place, but no one quite followed it. This time, the Railways wants to enforce it.

"Sleeping accommodation between 2200 hours and 0600 hours and sitting accommodation for the rest of the period are provided for the passengers in the reserved coaches having sleeping accommodation," said the circular, dated August 31.

However, the circular makes an exception for certain passengers. It advises passengers to cooperate with the sick, persons with disability and pregnant women to sleep beyond permissible limits if they wish to.

The circular was issued after the railways got a number of complaints because of the "oversleeping passengers".

So, next time you are traveling on a train don't be surprised if the TTE wakes you up after your stipulated sleep time.

(With inputs from PTI)

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