11/09/2017 1:59 PM IST | Updated 11/09/2017 3:04 PM IST

Hyderabad School Girl Made To Stand In Boys' Toilet As Punishment For Wearing Wrong Uniform

Her parents had even written a note explaining why she was not wearing the right uniform.

Florian Gaertner via Getty Images
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An 11-year-old girl in Hyderabad alleged that she was made to stand in the boys' toilet in the school as 'punishment' for not wearing the right uniform on the day. Newsminute reports that the traumatised girl has since refused to go to school.

The report states that the incident took place in Rao's High School, Old MIG, BHEL. Parents of the fifth standard student alleged that the child was reprimanded even after they had put a note in the school diary explaining why the girl was not able to wear the right uniform, meant for the teachers to read.

In a letter to the principal, the father wrote: "In the afternoon, when my child used the washroom and was going back to her class room, a non-teaching staff member of the school saw her, and did not even bother to listen to my child's explanation for not wearing a uniform."

He added that the girl was 'dragged' by the said person to a boys' toilet and made to stand there for a some time as punishment.

The girl, however, identified the person who punished her as the physical training teacher of the school. She told ANI: "When I was walking up to my class room; my PT teacher stopped me and enquired about my uniform. I told the truth that my mother washed it so I could not wear the uniform. I also tried to explain that my parents have written a note in my school diary for the excuse. But she did not listen to me and continued to shout. She later pulled me to the boys' toilet and made me stand there."

She added that later, the teacher allowed her to go back to her class with a warning that she should not repeat the mistake.

TRS minister KTR has now promised to probe into the incident.