05/09/2017 3:48 PM IST | Updated 05/09/2017 4:57 PM IST

'My Mother Will Die,' Says Blue Whale Challenge Survivor Rescued At The Last Minute

She was rescued from a Jodhpur lake on Monday.

Screenshot from YouTube

Another victim of the deadly game Blue Whale Challenge was rescued from Jodhpur's Kaylana Lake late on Monday night after she tried to kill herself by jumping into the lake apparently to save her mother's life.

Reports suggest that the 17-year-old girl was told that her mother will be harmed if she did not complete her last task.

NDTV reported her as telling the police officer who dragged her out of the lake, "If I don't complete my task my mother will die."

While the victim is said to be the daughter of a Border Security Force officer, their identity is being protected by the police.

The girl is said to have been rescued by a team of police officers and divers who were present near the lake. While the girl's parents went to the police to register a missing person's complaint, she had already been spotted circling near the lake.

Om Prakash, who was present near the location as the ordeal was unfolding, told NDTV, "She was crying...I realised she was going to jump into the lake. I ran behind her and tried to stop her. I started talking to her and asked her what's the matter, she said my mother will die."

After being rescued she told the police that she had downloaded the game on her phone and was in the last stage of the game.

Lekhraj Sihag, station house officer, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar police station, told The Hindustan Times, "She told us that if she didn't complete the challenge then some untoward incidents could happen to her mother and rest of the family. The girl told us that she was at the final stage of the task."

Reports suggest that the girl had a whale carved into her arm.

This is adds to the growing number of Blue Whale Challenge cases in India.

Recently, a boy from Rajasthan had travelled all the way to Mumbai to complete the 'Blue Whale Challenge' game but was luckily rescued by the police.

In August, 14-year-old Ankan De of West Bengals West Midnapore hung himself in his home on Saturday morning in what seems to be was a bid to complete the last challenge of this morbid and dangerous game.

Ankan had covered his head with the a plastic bag and had tied a nylon chord around his neck.

Another Class VII student from Indore was saved from jumping off a terrace by his teachers and friends when they saw him walking scarily close to the edge. The police said that the boy tried committing suicide in order to complete the final stage of the dreaded Blue Whale Game.

Earlier in July, Manpreet Singh, a 14-year-old, jumped to his death in Mumbai few days after telling his friends that he was playing the Blue Whale game.

India Today had reported that a neighbour even spotted Singh walking on the ledge of his building's terrace shooting a selfie moments before jumping off.

The game has taken several lives across the world, with 130 lives in Russia where it originated in 2015.