02/09/2017 12:13 PM IST | Updated 02/09/2017 12:18 PM IST

PM Modi Doesn't Like Being Asked Questions, Says Maharashtra BJP MP

Apparently, he gets angry when "issues are raised".

Mikhail Klimentyev/TASS

A BJP MP from Maharashtra claimed on record that Prime Minister Narendra Modi doesn't like being asked questions.

A report in The Indian Express quotes Nana Patole as saying, "When Modi is asked questions, he asks you if you have read the party manifesto and are aware of various government schemes."

Patole went on to add that the PM got angry when he raised concerns over the working of the OBC ministry and farmer suicides in his state.

"I had made certain suggestions ... like raising green tax, OBC Ministry and more central investment in agriculture. Modi got angry and asked me to shut up," he said, recounting his experience at a meeting of the prime minister with BJP MPs.

Patole's rebelliousness is not limited to his plain speak about the prime minister alone. He has also come down sharply on the Maharashtra chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis, for his failure to curb acute farming crisis in the state.

"The CM is incapable of bringing central funds for the state. The Centre gives less to Maharashtra despite Mumbai contributing maximum to the country's coffers. The CM has also stopped taking meetings of party MPs in Mumbai before the beginning of the Parliament session," The Indian Express quoted him as saying.

He also spoke critically against the CM's preferential treatment of urban centres like Nagpur as opposed to parts of Vidarbha, where there's severe farmers' distress.

"All central ministers are always in a state of fear," he added. "I am not interested in ministership. I am of late on the hit list but I am not afraid of anyone."

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