25/08/2017 2:24 AM IST | Updated 25/08/2017 2:38 AM IST

Hilarious 'GoT' Parody Envisions White Walkers As Gentrifying Hipsters

There would be a very different war in Westeros if Latinos were playing the “Game of Thrones.”

Comedy troupe Room 28 gave fans a hilarious look into what kind of obstacles Latinos in the HBO series would face with their new parody, “Gente of Thrones,” published Wednesday on Buzzfeed’s Pero Like. In this version, Juan Snow must unite the different houses of Westerños to fight the White Walkers north of the Uptown Wall. 

The characters in the parody will be instantly recognizable to any “GoT” fan but the comedians took some creative liberties as well. “Gente of Thrones,” for example, has chupacabras not dragons. 

In the end, every house comes together to face a common enemy: the white walkers. But in the Latino parody, white walkers are hipsters trying to gentrify Westerños instead of blue-eyed monsters. 

Watch the full parody above.