18/08/2017 1:21 AM IST

Man Turns His Tinder Profile Into An Epic PowerPoint-Style Presentation

Niket Biswas has the skills to craft a mighty impressive PowerPoint presentation ― and maybe even become your next boyfriend. 

Over the weekend, the New York City-based software engineering manager at Facebook went a little rogue with his Tinder profile

After spending about two hours playing around on the presentation software Keynote (Apple’s version of PowerPoint), Biswas uploaded these slides as his pics, along with a short bio: “ENTJ. TX > SF > NYC. Sometimes I overdo it.” 

Niket Biswas

The memo only gets better from there:

Niket Biswas

And because no self-assessment is complete without a deep dive into one’s strengths and weaknesses, Biswas included these two slides:

Niket Biswas
Niket Biswas

Biswas told HuffPost he went the PowerPoint route to differentiate himself from the sea of profiles all mentioning the same things: brunch, food, travel and family.

“I wanted to stand out being myself. Online dating is like Times Square; you’re just one more homogenous blip blending into a crowd of thousands,” he said. “Eventually the hype wears off and you avoid it altogether.”

So far, Biswas said he’s gotten 10 times more matches than usual with his new profile, which even includes testimonial from his exes and his mom:

Niket Biswas

While some of his friends have suggested the profile may come off a little intense to prospective dates, the way Biswas sees it, he’s weeding out the folks who don’t get his sense of humor.

“It’s more matches but more importantly, better dates,” he said. “I’ve gotten like, 10 times more matches overall, and from generally smarter/edgier people than I did before.”

The software engineer is also testing out the profile out on Coffee Meets Bagel and Bumble, where he’s gotten great feedback:

Niket Biswas

Something tells us this dude has found a new side hustle as a dating profile creator. Well played, Niket!