17/08/2017 3:43 PM IST | Updated 17/08/2017 4:34 PM IST

16-Year-Old Hyderbadi Girl Sold To 65-Year-Old Omani Man For ₹5 Lakh


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In a horrific incident of child marriage and even child trafficking, reports say that a 16-year-old girl from Hyderabad has been sold and married to a Sheikh from Oman.

The incident has come to light after the mother of the victim lodged a complaint with the police.

The Times of India reports that the minor girl's mother, Syeeda Unnisa, lodged a complaint on Wednesday seeking that he daughter be brought back to India from Muscat.

Syeeda Unnisa has accused her sister-in-law Ghousia and her husband Sikander for the crime.

NDTV reported that in her complaint she said that the girl was married and taken away without her consent and even provided photographs of the wedding to the police as proof.

The report said that the photograph showed an old bearded man in white and the girl in black being marriage by a Qazi in a hotel.

Reports suggest that the man had stayed in a hotel in Hyderabad with his child bride before returning to Oman and then sending a visa for her.

Syeeda Unnisa told The Times of India that she repeatedly visited Sikander's home to get her daughter back and has even spoken to the Omani man asking him to send her back.

However, the Sheikh has demanded that he be returned the money he paid to 'buy' the minor girl.

The report quoted her as saying, "The sheik is saying he had bought my daughter for Rs 5 lakh. He said this was paid to Sikander. Only if this amount is paid, he said he would send my daughter back to India."

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