12/08/2017 4:29 PM IST | Updated 12/08/2017 4:43 PM IST

A Quick Thinking Bengaluru Auto Driver Saved A Girl From Being Abducted And Raped

Well done!

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An auto-driver saved a teenage girl from being gangraped near Bengaluru's Yeshwanthapura railway station in the wee hours of Friday. Bangalore Mirror reported that late on Thursday, Asgar Pasha noticed that a brawl had broken out between Fayaz -- an auto driver he knew -- and another man. Soon, the group of people had thrashed the man and then proceeded to drag the girl he was with away.

Knowing that he could be easily overpowered by the three men dragging the girl away, Pasha went to call three of his friends first. Then he went looking for the girl in the same road he has seen her being dragged away.

Pasha and his friends kept searching the area but there was no sign of either the girl or the drunken men who had taken her. Alarmed, Pasha immediately informed the police about the incident and then kept searching the area. Soon the police came and one of their teams raided a godown behind the station to find that the men had taken the girl there and were on the verge of sexually assaulting her. All this happened within 45 minutes of Pasha seeing Fayaz harassing the girl.

It was later revealed that the girl was visiting relatives in Bengaluru and is not from the city. She was with her cousin when they were attacked.

Pasha told Mirror: "I could have remained a mute spectator without helping the girl as I knew the accused. But I chose not too. But now, after action was taken against the accused, my life is under threat. I do not mind though. If something happens to me, I request the police to do justice. Everything happened within 45 minutes."

The accused was a serial offender was often caught misbehaving with female commuters.