09/08/2017 3:44 PM IST | Updated 10/08/2017 2:39 AM IST

24 Tweets On Nuclear War To Help You Laugh Through This Anxiety

There’s no doubt: People around the world are feeling pretty worried right now. 

President Donald Trump threatened North Korea Tuesday with “fire and fury” in response to reports that the isolated nation had escalated its nuclear arms capability ― with the U.S. now possibly within its reach. Hours later, the North said it was “carefully examining” a plan to strike the U.S. island territory of Guam in the Western Pacific.

Getty/Twitter Nikki Glaser
Even at the world's end, the Twitter community comes through.

All this within 24 hours, giving people a chance to turn to the one sure salvation: The sarcastic, self-deprecating peanut gallery of Twitter.

Like church, meditation or that morning trip to the bathroom, Twitter is once again a reliable source of relief from the anxiety that plagues us during these troubling times.

Amid all the escalating war talk, at least we know that we can depend on Twitter to make the end of the world feel as sarcastic as possible, in 140 characters or fewer. 

Read the hilarious tweets below, if only to save yourself from panic-crying.

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