08/08/2017 7:18 PM IST | Updated 01/09/2017 9:51 AM IST

This Woman’s Passport Photo Is So Tragically Bad It Deserves An Award

Thanks for this, State Department

A woman in Austin, Texas got quite the surprise when she opened her brand new passport.

Reece Lagunas
Chelsey Ramos.

Chelsey Ramos and her boyfriend Reece Lagunas are planning a big trip to Germany in September.  

Reece Lagunas
Reece Lagunas with Ramos.

Lagunas told HuffPost that to prepare for the trip, he had to apply for his first passport and Ramos needed to get hers renewed.

The couple decided to go to Costco to take some totally normal-looking passport photos. For instance, here is the photo Ramos took:

Reece Lagunas
A perfectly typical passport photo.

In late July, Ramos’ new passport was sent to her in the mail. When she opened it, this is what she saw:

Reece Lagunas

And just for good measure, here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Reece Lagunas
😂 😂 😂

“Chelsey was furious,” Lagunas told HuffPost. “And rightly so. She paid good money for an official ID from the State Department and it came out wrong, completely wrong, wouldn’t-pass-through-customs wrong.”

But, personally, Lagunas found the whole thing hilarious.

“As soon as I saw it I just started laughing. It’s one of the funniest ‘bloopers’ I’ve ever seen ... and it wasn’t mine!”

Lagunas posted the State Department fail to Reddit late last week, and the post quickly blew up.

Of course, there were a few “Coneheads” jokes.

As far as fixing the messed-up passport, Lagunas says the State Department has been “super helpful” in remedying the error and Ramos has already sent the wonky passport back and is waiting for her new one.

Here’s hoping these two ultimately have a great time eating their way through Germany!