08/08/2017 3:25 PM IST | Updated 08/08/2017 3:25 PM IST

Rahul Gandhi Violated Security Protocol A 100 Times, Says Rajnath Singh

"We want to know why didn't Shri Rahul Gandhi take SPG cover on several foreign trips? What is he trying to hide?"

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NEW DELHI -- Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday cornered Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi for not taking security along during his foreign visits and thereby violating security protocol.

The Home Minister's remark comes on the heels of recent attack on Congress vice president convoy during his Gujarat visit.

Taking to Twitter, Singh said, "Shri Rahul Gandhi undertook 121 tours in the last 2 years, out of which there were 100 security protocol violations of not using BR Car."

Singh further said that Rahul, who is an SPG protectee, went abroad without taking SPG cover which is a violation of the SPG Act.

"SPG protectee get security cover under an Act of Parliament reflecting the will and wisdom of Parliament for providing security. Going abroad without taking SPG cover is not only a violation of the SPG Act, but also a negligence towards one's own security," Singh said in a series of tweets.

He further said that Rahul was away from India on six occasions for 72 days without taking any SPG security along, posing a grave threat to himself.

"We want to know why didn't Shri Rahul Gandhi take SPG cover on several foreign trips? What is he trying to hide?" Singh asked.

Responding to the stone pelting on Rahul's convoy in Gujarat, Singh said adequate security arrangement was made for the Congress vice president but he did not pay heed to it.

"Shri Rahul Gandhi, MP visited Dhanera and Thara, District Banaskantha, Gujarat on 4th August, 2017. As Shri Rahul Gandhi is an SPG Protectee, the Advance Security Liaising (ASL) in respect of the scheduled visit of Shri Gandhi was done. Two Bullet Resistance cars were provided for Shri Rahul Gandhi at Dhanera but he sat in a Non-BR car while traveling," he tweeted.

Mentioning that Rahul had avoided the security advice in past as well, Singh said, "It is worth mentioning that in the past, there have been many instances of Rahul ignoring the security adviceIn his earlier visit to Gujarat on 21.07.2017, Shri Gandhi preferred to use a non-BR car in disregard of advice given by SPG to use BR Car."

On August 4, stone were pelted at Rahul's convoy while he was returning after taking stock of the flood affected areas in Gujarat's Dhanera.

The Congress party had blamed Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 'goons' for the attack following which the police arrested BJP worker, Jayesh Darji.

Rahul had also slammed the Centre and said, "Narendra Modi ji's slogans, black flags and stones will not stop us.... We will put in all our might into the service of people."

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