08/08/2017 6:06 PM IST | Updated 08/08/2017 6:10 PM IST

Baby Rohaan, Who Had Travelled To India For A Heart Surgery, Dies Back Home In Pakistan



Rohaan Sadiq, a four-month infant who had come to Noida for a surgery from Pakistan, has passed away, his father said on Twitter.

Rohaan's father Kanwal Sadiq said that the baby died because of dehydration.

Rohaan was admitted to the Jaypee Hospital and had a successful heart surgery. He was discharged a month after his surgery.

Rohaan had a hole in his heart and a condition where the nerves of the heart and lung come from opposite direction because of which there is no oxygen flow in the blood. Because of this the child was unable to breath properly.

Since such a major surgery could not be done in Pakistan because of lack of infrastructure, he had to be brought to India.

Rohaan underwent a successful heart surgery on July 19. His parents were very happy with the surgery and had profusely thanked the doctors at the hospital and Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj for helping them out.

"India was like home. I want to share my joy with entire world. She (EAM Swaraj) is fantastic. Hope others awaiting their turn are helped too," Kanwal told ANI.

However, despite the successful surgery, Rohaan passed away. Even in announcing the death of his son, Kanwal was thanked the doctors in India for their efforts.

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