08/08/2017 12:40 PM IST | Updated 08/08/2017 1:36 PM IST

At Pune Airport, Two Held For Carrying 'Too Much Upma'-- Turns Out They Were Smuggling ₹1.2 crore

Only in India.

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godhuma rava upma with sambar and coconut chutney served in a banana leaf on white background

This can happen only in India.

Two passengers, who were scheduled to fly to Dubai, were apprehended at the Pune airport for allegedly trying to smuggle out foreign currency worth Rs 1.29 crore. But how were they trying to smuggle the money? In a box of hot and steaming upma.

This happened on Monday.

When the two passengers were going through the security check, an immigration officer stopped them after he got suspicious. According to reports, the documents they were carrying didn't look authentic to him.

So the immigration officer alerted the Customs authorities at the airport.

It was then that the security officials were ordered to check the man's check-in luggage again.

The check-in luggage contained a heavy hot case. The main claimed that he was carrying upma in it. The security officials couldn't believe that 'upma' can weigh so much. So he asked the man to open the hot case. And voila! It was discovered that the man was carrying Rs 1.29 crore in hot box.

"The bag contained a hot case with 'upma' inside. But, the weight of the eatable was more than usual and hence it was checked, only to reveal a black polythene having USD 86,600 and Euro 15,000 inside," a security official told PTI.

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