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The Love-Hate Relationship Between This Brother And Sister Will Make You Miss Your Sibling


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"Tujhe koodekedabbeseuthakarlaye the"-- This is one sentence that older siblings never grow tired of telling the younger ones.

Having a sibling often means innumerable fights, getting into trouble for no fault of your own (Read: I didn't do it, Bhaiya did!) and missing chocolates. But what goes ignored is the love and care the siblings share. Today, on Raksha Bandhan, the story of a brother-sister duo is making hearts melt, because that's what siblings look like.

The story was shared on the Facebook page of Humans of Bombay this morning and has been shared nearly 400 times.

Varsha and Varun Patra, the founders of Homegrown, a popular 'youth media' publications, shared their story about their bonding, and how they started their own venture.

"I was the typical younger sibling, copying everything Didi did...including her artwork," Varun recalls. He said he would do anything just to get his sister's attention.

The 28-year-old said that it was only each other's constant support that has brought them where they are.

"Didi always fought my battles for me, but behind closed doors, she would scream at me and did everything she could to get me back on track."

However, that didn't mean they wouldn't fight.

And even now when they are all grown up and successful, they still "warn" people that if they get into some "hair pulling" during meetings, they shouldn't be alarmed.

For the last three years, Varun has been tying 'superhero' rakhis to his sister because he feels that she deserves it more as she has 'protected' him all his life.

"I feel privileged that I have this kind of a relationship with my brother — he's my whole world," Varsha said.

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