03/08/2017 9:40 AM IST | Updated 03/08/2017 9:46 AM IST

Kerala Woman Bit Off Man's Tongue When He Sneaked Into Her House And Tried To Rape Her

Serves him right.

Amit Dave / Reuters
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A man tried to assault a Kerala woman in what is usually referred to as the 'safety' of her own home and went back with a lesson he'll not forget in a hurry. The 45-year-old resident of Ernakulam district in Kerala, reports Newsminute, lives in a house with a proper fence around it. However, on July 27, a 30-year-old tempo driver managed to jump the fence and get inside the house compound.

While the Njarackal house has a fence around it, the toilet is not inside the main house. Like in several homes, especially in rural India, the toilet is within the compound but as a separate structure outside the house.

According to Newsminute, the man sneaked inside the compound by jumping over the fence. After a while, the woman came out of the house and went to the toilet. Immediately, the assaulter, who was hiding in the compound, pulled out the fuse wire and the house plunged into complete darkness.

He then proceeded to accost the woman who had by then come out of the bathroom. She was taken aback at being attacked by a stranger in her own house and tried to fight back. However, the assaulter tried to kiss her forcibly. This is when the woman, to stave him off, bit his tongue hard. And she bit him hard enough to slice two centimetres of his tongue off. Blinded with pain, the man screamed and ran away.

The next morning, accompanied by her husband, the woman visited the nearest police station with the assaulters chappals and a piece of his tongue. It didn't take the police long to track the man down -- all they had to do was enquire in local hospitals if a man with a bitten off tongue has been admitted anywhere.

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