01/08/2017 3:29 PM IST | Updated 01/08/2017 6:09 PM IST

Anthony Scaramucci Listed As Dead In Harvard Alumni Directory As Bad Week Continues

Anthony Scaramucci might be having one terrible week, but there’s some consolation for the recently departed White House communications director: He’s not dead, despite a listing in the new Harvard Law School alumni directory suggesting otherwise.

Harvard alums received the directory in the mail this week and in it, Scaramucci, who graduated from Harvard Law School in 1989, had an asterisk next to his name — indicating that he had died, The Washington Post first reported.

The school acknowledged the mistake and extended an olive branch to the 53-year-old Wall Street financier. “We offer our sincere apologies to Mr. Scaramucci,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “The error will be corrected in subsequent editions.”

The directory, however, is only published every five years, reported The Associated Press. So Scaramucci would remain dead on paper until 2022. 

Still, an erroneous listing in an alumni register seems like the least of Scaramucci’s problems this week. He managed to stun the world with an expletive-filled interview with The New Yorker, his pregnant wife reportedly filed for divorce and he was unceremoniously removed from his position as communications director at the White House on Monday ― just 10 days after stepping into the role.

Twitter users reacted to Scaramucci’s bad week in typical fashion: