30/07/2017 10:21 AM IST | Updated 30/07/2017 10:21 AM IST

Why A Hyderabad Techie Decided To Ride A Horse To Work

Unique protest.


Ramanjeet Singh, an IT professional in Hyderabad, and some of his other fellow techies, decided to draw the attention of authorities to a particularly bad stretch of road in the city through a unique protest. Singh rode a horse to work, accompanied by at least two dozens of others following him, reported NDTV.

Their complaint is against the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) which has dug up the Financial District Road, without taking into account the inconvenience it would cause to commuters, resulting in delays.

Singh told NDTV: "Just about a couple of years ago, footpath and central median was laid with crores of money. Why this mindless act of more money down the drain is what we are asking."

Monsoons have not helped. The road work has led to immense traffic clogging in the area.

The campaign was started with a hash tag — #whythiskolavari".

The protestors call it "online satyagraha" they plan to continue. Meanwhile there's silence from the government over the issue.