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Weekend Roundup: The Best Of HuffPost India This Week

Stories you may have missed this week.

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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar with Deputy Chief Minister Shushil Mody at Oath ceremony of Ministers at Raj Bhawan, on July 29, 2017 in Patna.

The developments in Bihar this week even took the political Chanakyas of Delhi by surprise — for who could have seen Nitish Kumar's volte face involving a party he once campaigned against? What led to Kumar abandoning the Mahagathbandhan that he formed with long-time colleague Lalu Prasad Yadav after the 2015 victory in Bihar polls? Shivam Vij, Radhika Ramaseshan weigh in. Sandip Roy writes a fond tribute to the quintessential Bengali, Pranab Mukherjee, while Somak Ghoshal takes a look at the SC order on Section 498A that addresses the demands of 'men's rights' activists.

Here's a roundup of the best of HuffPost India this week.

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If Hindutva Ever Comes To Haunt Nitish Kumar, Sushil Modi Will Be His Solace

Nitish Kumar's mien — that was grim all day until the happy denouement on Wednesday night after the reunion with old ally, the BJP — transformed when he saw his old friend, Sushil Kumar Modi from the party. He broke into a smile that signified relief more than anything else, because in the years when Kumar had partnered the BJP, as the Bihar chief minister and an Opposition leader, Sushil held a special place for him.

The Congress Is Responsible For Nitish Kumar's Return To The BJP

In April, 2016, five months after becoming Bihar chief minister for the third time, Nitish Kumar said all non-BJP parties needed to have come together to free India of the divisive Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), the parent organisation of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP).

Job Opening: An Alternative National Leader For 1.3 Billion Indians

Despite high unemployment rates, every Indian considering her or himself as a tees maar khan, the opportunities the collapse of the Congress has provided, and Nitish Kumar running away from this opportunity, there is a job nobody is willing to take up. It's for the role of a national leader willing to be an alternative to Narendra Modi across India.

Paean To Pranab Babu — The Bengali 'Bhadralok' In Indian Politics

Let me lay my partisanship out in the open and admit this freely. As a Bengali I will miss Pranab Mukherjee as he leaves Rashtropoti Bhobon. And what a Bengali he is. He likes his fish curry, especially parshe fish. He has a daaknaam or nickname, Poltu. He likes posto. He loves Rabindrasangeet. He keeps a diary. Satyajit Ray could not have scripted a Bengali babu better.

As Gulf Economies Falter, Jobs For Indian Migrants Dry Up

The number of Indian workers emigrating to Gulf countries has declined sharply, the Union government has said. The government attributes the decline to an economic slowdown in these countries triggered by weak oil prices.

What's It Going To Take For India To Go All-Electric On The Roads By 2030?

By 2030, says Power Minister Piyush Goyal, India would like to be a 100% electric vehicle nation. Calling it ambitious would be an understatement; Norway, the world leader in electric vehicles, introduced its wide-ranging and generous subsidies in the 1990s and only this year were 18% of all new car sales those of electric cars.

Is It Time To Let India's MPs And MLAs Vote Freely?

Last week's election of the 14th President of India marked a lesser-known milestone in the country's parliamentary democracy. The vote for the President is the only secret ballot vote exercised by MPs and MLAs in which a party whip--the legal requirement that legislators must vote along the party line--does not apply.

Behold The Breathtaking Electoral Strides The BJP Has Made In Just The Last Five Years

With the toppling of the Grand Alliance in Bihar, the BJP is now in power in 17 out of 31 states in the country--the widest spread it has ever had, with the most MLAs nationwide that any party has had in 25 years. While the Congress is in power in six states, non-BJP, non-Congress governments rule eight states.

The SC Order On Sec 498A Addresses The Demands Of 'Men's Rights' Activists

In a landmark move, the Supreme Court of India has issued a set of directives related to the application of Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), with a view to prevent the misuse of this provision in cases filed under it. The order was delivered as part of a judgment in one such case from Uttar Pradesh.


The Demand For Lingayat Religion Is Going To Be A Test For Both BJP And Congress In Karnataka

For more than a week now, the longstanding demand for a separate religious status for the Lingayat community has flared up again in Karnataka — and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is playing it to his full advantage.

Delhi Couldn't Get Pranab Mukherjee To Assent To Any Bill During His Presidency

During the five years of his presidency, Pranab Mukherjee passed a staggering 82% of the bills that were sent to him for approval by the states. According to data available from the President's Secretariat, 188 bills in all were sent to Mukherjee during him term, of which he gave the green signal to 155.

Bihar Voters Back Nitish's Call, But Questions Loom Large About 2019 Elections: CVoter Snap Poll

Has Nitish Kumar read the minds of Bihar's voters well? Yes and no, says a snap opinion poll which shows support among JD(U) voters for his decision to break the Grand Alliance to go with the BJP, but indicates that they were prepared to vote for the Opposition in 2019.

Best Of Global

This Bride Wrote The Most Beautiful Wedding Vows To 4-Year-Old Stepson

Bride Emily Leehan made two sets of wedding vows on her big day: one to her new husband Joshua Newville and another to his 4-year-old son Gage.

Little Girl's Tearful Meeting With Gal Gadot Shows Why 'Wonder Woman' Matters

This is why Gal Gadot is a superhero. Viral footage from Comic-Con in San Diego showed the star comforting a young fan who was wearing a "Wonder Woman" shirt and cape.

The Bizarre Story Behind The Ousting Of Pakistan's Prime Minister

A humble typeface appears to have unexpectedly played a massive part in forcing Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign..


Once The World's Heaviest Woman, Eman Ahmed Can Now Eat By Herself And Speak Coherently

Two months ago, Eman Ahmed, believed to be the world's most heaviest woman, left Mumbai after her family alleged that the Indian doctors have nothing for her treatment.

Miffed IAS Officer Asks Bihar Villager To Sell Off His Wife If He Can't Build A Toilet For Her

On Sunday, an IAS officer held a 'swachhta mahasabha' (cleanliness conference) in Aurangabad district in Bihar to urge villagers to build toilets in their homes. While informing the villagers about the government schemes that they were eligible to benefit from, district magistrate Kanwal Tanuj was interrupted by a villager who pointed out an issue that keeps many of them from availing the well-meaning government schemes -- and that is poverty.

'Smelly Bombs' Imported From Israel Are Not Stinky Enough To Work In India, Says CRPF

With pellets guns, used last year on protestors in Kashmir, leaving many dead and blinded, the government has decided to try out non-lethal weapons in the Valley. So it imported 'stink bombs' from Israel.


In A Class Act, Kangana Ranaut Takes Apart Saif Ali Khan's Open Letter On Nepotism

Hours after Saif Ali Khan posted an 'open letter' to apologise for, and clarify, his jibe at Kangana Ranaut, the actress responded with one of her own, taking the infamous 'nepotism debate' a step further.Hopefully this is the last we will hear of it.