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In This West Bengal Town, A Dargah And A Temple Have Peacefully Co-Existed On The Same Premises For 23 Years

A perfect example of communal harmony.

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Even as the country is seeing communal divisiveness in many parts, a temple and a dargah in Ghoradhara in West Bengal's Jhargram are perhaps an example of the secular fabric of India.

Here, Gods of two religions co-exist in peace, without any communal flare up so far.

The Times of India reports that shrine of Sayeed Golam Chisti and Shiv Mandir are just separated by a wall where devotees of both religions offer prayers and listen to Quranic verses and mahamrityunjay mantras at the same time.

The two places of worship have existed for more than 23 years.

The man behind this unusual set up is Narayan Chandra Acharya who was greatly inspired by Sayeed Golam Chisti.

Describing how this set up came about, Acharya told the newspaper, "In 1986, I constructed a shiv mandir in my house but later on I got inspired from Muslim peer Sayeed Golam Chisti. Chisti sahib passed away in 1994 and to honour his last wish I buried his body just next to shiv linga."

Here, the same loudspeakers have played Bhajans and Qawwalis for years, and no one has had a problem so far.

But Acharya is scared. He says that while he has managed to maintain peace, things may not be the same after his death.

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