27/07/2017 6:08 PM IST | Updated 27/07/2017 6:14 PM IST

He Dragged Me Out Of Bed Each Night And Thrashed Me, Says Delhi Woman After Strangling Her Husband To Death

She slept next to the dead body for two days.

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A police barrier in New Delhi, India.

In a horrific case of domestic abuse and murder, a Delhi woman was arrested for killing her husband. She is said to have slept next to her husband's body for two days.

The woman, 32-year-old Shilpi Adhikari, is said to have killed her husband because she could not tolerate the abuse anymore.

The Hindustan Times quoted her as telling the Delhi police, "He dragged me from the bed each night after he came home drunk and thrashed me. Humiliated me in front of the neighbours. I threatened him that I would kill him. He did not listen. He did not leave me an option."

Originally from West Bengal, Adhikari had tried to pass off her husband's death as natural.

In an earlier report, The Hindustan Times says that she slept next to her husband's body for two days in her one-room home. On day three, she told her neighbours that he had died of natural circumstances.

The police told the newspaper that she bought him alcohol on Saturday, after he passed out she strangled him to death.

An informer is said to have noticed the marks on the neck of the dead body right before cremation.

The newspaper report Adhikari had been married for 12 years and had endured merciless abuse, forcing her to take the extreme step.

"She said that her husband snatched the money she earned and spent it all on buying alcohol. Whenever she refused to give him her earnings he would thrash her mercilessly for hours. She said he beat her one night for seven hours straight before he got tired and slept," an investigating told the newspaper.

Adhikari has confessed to her crime and a case of murder has been registered by the police.

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