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‘Game Of Thrones’ Left Many Fans Wondering About Eunuchs


The romance between Grey Worm and Missandei finally came to a climax on Sunday night's "Game of Thrones" (episode two of the seventh season). In the latest episode, "Stormborn," the two finally hooked up after three seasons of romantic buildup.

Naturally, this left many fans cheering...

But the intimate moment also left them wondering, "How the heck does a eunuch have sex?"

If you recall, when Grey Worm became part of The Unsullied — the name given to the army of slave-soldiers from Astapor — he was castrated, making him a eunuch. This was done to him and the other Unsullied to remove their sexual desire.

Confused as to how Grey Worm was able to share intimacies with his lady love, many took to the internet to research what a eunuch actually is. In fact, so many fans did this that Merriam-Webster revealed that it was their most searched word on Sunday night.

In case you're wondering, a eunuch usually refers to a man whose testicles have been removed, which is also known as partial castration. However, a eunuch can also refer to a man who is fully castrated and no longer has external genitals at all.

"Game of Thrones" has not revealed whether or not the Unsullied are fully or partially castrated, which is why many people are pondering Grey Worm's situation, PopSugar reports.

Missandei and Grey Worm, played by Nathalie Emmanuel and Jacob Anderson.

In last night's episode, Missandei saw all of Grey Worm before they got down to business, but the show conveniently concealed her view, leaving it to our imaginations.

While some assumed he was fully castrated...

Others argued it doesn't matter what parts you have because anyone can be intimate.

Twitter user 'alourasaurus' is right. Dr. Thomas W. Johnson, a retired cultural anthropologist and expert on eunuchs, told Vulture in 2015 that there's no reason Grey Worm can't take part in sex.

"Sexuality doesn't require an erect penis," he told the site. "Tongue, lips, fingers — there are all kinds of ways for a male to be sexual with a woman."

Additionally, sex therapist Vanessa Marin noted that Grey Worm will likely be a master of oral sex as a result of being a eunuch. "Men who feel like they have to compensate for a small penis, or a lack of penis, tend to be pretty good at oral sex," she explained.

Although Grey Worm's downstairs situation was definitely a hot topic, many fans made it clear they couldn't care less whether he was fully or partially castrated. After all, his steamy moments with Missandei were too hot to handle...

And the couple's love story made fans feel all the emotions.

Move aside Jon Snow and Ygritte. Looks like Grey Worm and Missandei just out beat you for having the greatest love story "Game of Thrones" has ever seen.

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