25/07/2017 10:09 AM IST | Updated 25/07/2017 10:10 AM IST

In Horrific Video Shot By Classmate, Jaipur Student Seen Plunging To Her Death At Zip-Lining Class

Her father was the instructor.


As her classmates watched, horrified, a student in Jaipur fell off the sixth floor of a building while her father was teaching some of them zipping, according to media reports.

Aditi Sanghi, NDTV reported, lost her balance and plunged to her death while watching another student zip-line. She was a student of the International College for Girls in Jaipur. Zip-lining is a popular entertainment sport involving a free-moving pulley that help enthusiasts slide down a steel cable across the gradient of a slope.

Sunil Sanghi, Aditi's father, is a trained mountaineer and rock-climbing expert who teaches the skills at several colleges in the city.

"It does not appear to be a case of suicide," Mukesh Chaudhary, a police officer handling the case, told NDTV. The grainy cell-phone video shows another zip-liner sliding down the rope while Aditi is seen in the background suddenly missing her footing and falling.

Aditi herself was a trainer and demonstrator, but was not wearing a harness at the time, said another report.

"Aditi Sanghi had done one demonstration and she was present on the terrace alongwith another instructor. During this, unfortunately, she became imbalanced and fell. As soon as the University administration got to know about it, it, alongwith her father, took Aditi Sanghi to Metro Mass hospital for treatment but unfortunately she died," Dr. Rakhi Gupta, the registrar of the IIS University, was quoted as saying by India Today.