21/07/2017 3:27 PM IST | Updated 21/07/2017 3:29 PM IST

Now BMC Visits RJ Malishka's Home To Search For Illegal Constructions

Witch hunt?


In the latest incident of the political witch hunt against Red FM's RJ Malishka home again today to check of she has done illegal constructions in her home.

Tweeting about the incident Mirror Now said:

This comes close on the heels of South East Asia's richest municipal corporation sending a notice to the RJ's mother for breeding mosquitoes in her home because of which the RJ may have to shell out Rs 10,000.

All of the above steps is not the BMC suddenly becoming pro-active in its fight against mosquito breeding, but a reaction to a YouTube video that RJ Malishka made, mocking the BMC for its inaction on potholes in Mumbai.

And while the BMC has made it a point to harass her and her family, RJ Malishka has found support in the people of the city.

Every year the condition of Mumbai roads deteriorate during the monsoons, potholes appear in most arterial roads creating a massive problem for daily commuters. Not only that, in the song titled 'Sonu Tuza Mazyavar Bharosa Nai Kai - Pothole Mix' also talks about railway tracks getting water logged every year hampering train services. For millions of people in Mumbai, trains are their regular mode of transport.

And as Malishkar gained support on social media, NDTV reports that there were roads in Mumbai there were seen being repaired after her video.

NDTV reported that potholes at Mumbai's Tulsi Pipe Road that leads to Lower Parel that were causing traffic were seen being repaired on Friday.

Meanwhile, News18 quoted the notice sent to Malishka's mother, 65-year-old Lilly Mendosa, as saying, "We have detected Aedes mosquitoes breeding (dengue transmitting mosquitoes) in the clay bowl kept under the plant pot kept in front of the door. Indoor breeding is also detected in plant pots kept in the window."

While the song asked the Mumbaikars, "Mumbai, tula BMC var bharosa naay kaay? (Mumbai, don't you trust the BMC?)" a Saamana report asked Malishka "Malishka, tula dengue var bharosa navy kaay? (Malishka, do you not trust Dengue?)."

However, despite the harassment, the RJ who is right now out of the country, tweeted that she has six more songs like this ready:

Thanking Mumbai, she also tweeted:

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