20/07/2017 8:01 PM IST | Updated 20/07/2017 8:09 PM IST

UP Police Shuts Down Non-Vegetarian Dhabas In Greater Noida For Kanwar Yatra

Forced vegetarianism.

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Ban on non-vegetarian food is something that is not unheard of in India, and in the latest case of clamping down on non-vegetarian food, the Greater Noida SHO has said that roadside non-vegetarian food vendors in Dadri have been removed because of the 'Kanwar Yatra'.

Ram Sen Singh told The Times of India, "We have also removed vendors serving non-vegetarian food. They will be off the road till the religious season of kanwar yatra is on."

The Kanwar Yatra is a yearly event devotees of Lord Shiva carry water from the River Ganga to local shrines in their states in the month of Sawan or Shravan. And while Haridwar is one of the places where the largest number of Kanwarias (the ones who take the pilgrimage) visit, the step has been taken because allegedly the number of pilgrims returning from Haridwar to Greater Noida has gone up.

Ved Nagar, president of Hindu Raksha Dal, a welcomed the move. He told The Times of India, "We welcome the move of the district administration and police which shows respect to the people's sentiments."

However, because of this move fish, chicken, eggs and mutton will be unavailable in the area, making it difficult for people whose staple diet is non-vegetarian.

But this kind of forced vegetarianism isn't new. Earlier, in March this year, Shiv Sena workers had forced 500 meat shops and dhabas to shut down in Gurgaon for all nine days of the Navratri festival.

There have been huge debates about ban on sale of non-vegetarian food during the Jain fasting period of Paryushan too.

In 2016, the Gujarat government had, following in the footsteps of Maharashtra, banned the sale of meet for 5 days during Paryushan.

Such bans have been upheld by the Supreme Court too. In 2008, the Supreme Court had said, "It is a short restriction for a few days and surely the non-vegetarians can remain vegetarian for this short period. Also, the traders in meat of Ahmedabad will not suffer much merely because their business has been closed down for nine days in a year."

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