20/07/2017 4:24 PM IST | Updated 20/07/2017 4:25 PM IST

7 Great Moments Of Friendship Between Indian And Pakistani Cricketers

Make cricket, not war.

Kainat Imtiaz/Facebook

Whenever India and Pakistan play cricket, it's much, much more than just a sporting bonanza. Emotions run high, TV sets are shattered, fireworks are on display and Twitter goes into an overdrive to accommodate a barrage of patriotic tweets from both nations.

In the current backdrop of diplomatic estrangement, an atmosphere of animosity has cloaked conversations about cricket in both nations. Abusive trolls have taken over the space formerly occupied by teasing banter and digs without malice.

However the best ambassadors of peace have been the cricketers themselves. Out on the field, they've shared laughs with their arch rivals, signed autographs for their children, helped each other up when they fell and defended them from Internet trolls.

Here, then, are some gestures of generosity exhibited by the women and men in blue and green.

1. That time Virat Kohli gifted his bat to Mohammad Amir.

India's Virat Kohli (R) presents a cricket bat to Pakistan's Mohammad Amir (L) as Pakistan's captain Shahid Afridi (C) walks past during a training session at The Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium in Kolkata on March 18, 2016.

2. And this is what Amir said when asked who his favourite batsman is. Awww.

3. That beautiful time Sehwag defended Sarfraz Ahmed's Hindi.

4. When Pakistani cricketer Kainat Imtiaz said Jhulan Goswami was her inspiration.

5. That time Indian cricketers bid a graceful adieu to Misbahand Younis.

Here's the story.

6. When Dhoni had a dad moment with Sarfaraz Ahmed's son. What a cutie (both).

7. When Yuvraj, Dhoni and Kohli posed with Pakistani cricketer Azhar Ali's kids.

Humanity before rivalry, any day.