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The Morning Wrap: India's Inequality Problem; Kerala Has A Killer Disease

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India ranks 132nd out of 152 countries on an index that measures the commitment by a country towards reducing inequality, according to a report published by the advocacy group, Oxfam. Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Germany topped the rankings.

Like actor Kangana Ranaut, Tapsee Pannu, a more recent entrant to Bollywood, spoke up against a problem in the industry, this time in the South, in that it puts a huge premium on the male gaze. The controversy it erupted saw her come to a sad compromise.

An online design retailer has a brainwave to empower domestic workers in India. It's going to ship free gifts for your 'Didi', if you order an item from it by the end of this month, but you must post a #SelfieWithDidi as you give it to her.

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The Supreme Court decided to set up a nine-member bench to decide if right to privacy can be declared a fundamental right under the Constitution to counteract the imposition of the Aadhaar Act, which allegedly violates individual privacy.

China stepped up its already unusually aggressive rhetoric, warning even of a full-scale confrontation, in its reaction to the standoff with India over Doklam, which is claimed by both countries as their own.

BSP leader Mayawati submitted her resignation from the Rajya Sabha after not being allowed to speak at length about atrocities committed on Dalits.

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The deadly dengue fever is spreading its tentacles across the south of India, with Kerala being one of the worst-hit states. Of the 23,000 cases and 32 deaths in the country confirmed till 16 July, 11,581 cases and 20 deaths have been in Kerala alone.

India is notorious for judicial delays but this case must occupy a special place in the pantheon of delayed justice. After 29 years, a court in Bareilly has finally sentenced two men to five years' in jail for drugging a passenger on a train and stealing ₹370 from him.

A longstanding demand for a separate flag for Karnataka by activists lobbying for Kannadiga pride has erupted into a heady controversy, with allegations from the BJP of undermining the tricolour.


In The Indian Express, DS Hooda urges the Indian government to root out terrorism not just the terrorists from Jammu & Kashmir.

An editorial in the Hindustan Times says BJP's choice of Venkaiah Naidu as the potential vice-presidential candidate sends out a strong signal to the states in the south of India.

In The Telegraph, Samantak Das explains how the government in power and its institutions are normalising the unthinkable in everyday India.

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