18/07/2017 3:07 AM IST | Updated 18/07/2017 7:54 AM IST

Trump Plays In A Firetruck, And The Photos Don't Disappoint

President Donald Trump checked out some sweet big-kid toys on Monday as part of his administration’s “Made in America” week featuring U.S.-made bulldozers, baseball bats and firetrucks.

Trump hopped into a firetruck made by Wisconsin-based Pierce Manufacturing, and this gem of a photo resulted.

President Donald Trump examines a firetruck from Wisconsin-based manufacturer Pierce on the South Lawn during a "Made in America" product showcase at the White House on Monday.

The photo is reminiscent of an image from earlier in the year, when the president hopped aboard a big-rig truck, sending the internet into a frenzy. 

See more photos of the president checking out American products below.