11/07/2017 11:25 AM IST | Updated 11/07/2017 11:45 AM IST

Family Of Uttar Pradesh Man Arrested With LeT Links Say They Are Ashamed Of Him

"Even if the government decides to shoot him we will support it."

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Muneer Ahmed Khan, Inspector General of police Kashmir, shows Sandeep Kumar, a Hindu non-local, militant during a press conference at a police head quarter on July 10, 2017 in Srinagar.

The family of Sandeep Sharma alias Adil, arrested in Kashmir for his alleged links to terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba, has distanced themselves from him, saying they were ashamed of him.

"He has done a shameful act," Sharma's elder brother Praveen told reporters. "Whatever punishment the government gives to him, our family will not protest. Even if the government decides to shoot him we will support it."

The Uttar Pradesh police reportedly detained Sharma's 60-year-old mother and sister-in-law on Monday, and grilled them for information on Sharma. However, the family claimed that they had not been in touch with Sharma for the past few years after he went to Delhi looking for a job. They thought he was working as a welder.

According to the Jammu & Kashmir police, who arrested Sharma, he planned attacks on the Indian Army and J&K police. He is also reported to be the brain behind several robberies at ATMs.

"Of course, he (Sharma) is a militant," J&K police chief Muneer Khan said in a press conference. "Criminal elements are now joining the militants for their own goals."

However, the LeT has reportedly issued a statement denying that Sharma is linked to their outfit.

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