30/06/2017 11:50 AM IST | Updated 30/06/2017 2:59 PM IST

Bride Leaves Groom At The Mandap Because Of His Drunken Nagin Dance


Soumen Nath Photography via Getty Images

The nagin dance is unmissable in Indian weddings, clubs, pubs and even house parties. When the alcohol starts flowing, one knows the nagin dance will soon be performed by someone or the other.

But with the wriggling and the rolling, it is not the best thing to look at when sober. And that is exactly what peeved a bride in UP's Shahjahanpur district, prompting her to dump her drunk and gyrating groom.

The Times of India reports that Priyanka Tripathi and Anubhav Mishra were all set to tie the knot, the families were happy, they had exchanged gifts and performed several rituals. All was well in their world until the big day arrived, and the groom intoxicated by excitement of a wedding, and erm, alcohol decided to show off his dance moves.

His mistake? Of all the fancy Bollywood steps, he chose to do the nagin dance.

The newspaper reported that the groom and his family were about to be welcomed when the groom heard the DJ playing the nagin song. He began dancing and his friends showered currency notes on him.

When she saw her to be husband's dance moves, Priyanka decided that she couldn't marry the man. No amount of persuasion from the groom's family helped. She had made up her mind.

The report says a day after she even tied the knot with someone else.

And for those who can't imagine what the nagin dance looks like, here's a peek:


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