23/06/2017 8:43 AM IST | Updated 23/06/2017 8:43 AM IST

The Morning Wrap: Dalit Vs Dalit For Presidential Polls; Man Cuts Child's Ear Claiming Ghosts Asked Him To

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The Opposition has chosen Meira Kumar as its Presidential polls. Shivam Vij writes that Kumar is ably qualified to the President of India. But by nominating her as their presidential candidate the opposition may have admitted that it was 'stumped' by the BJP in the presidential polls.

Several NGOs in Assam have been using social media as a tool for a very good cause. With WhatsApp groups and Facebook pages they have been fighting the evil of child marriage.

Was Miley Cyrus wearing the bindi cultural appropriation? While appropriation is rampant among white cultural narratives, the bindi perhaps doesn't come with similar implications for several Indians.


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To counter NDA's Ram Nath Kovind, the Opposition has also chosen a Dalit candidate, Meira Kumar. The first woman to hold the post of the Lok Sabha speaker, Kumar has the backing of 17 Opposition parties.

Even as India and Pakistan are fighting it out in court over a Pakistan court awarding death penalty to Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav, in a new 'confession video' released by Pakistan, Jadhav has asked for mercy from the neighbouring country's powerful army chief.

Anil Kumble's resignation shocked many cricket fans, but team India was also equally shocked. The team was unaware that Kumble wouldn't join them in the West Indies. They found out when they landed at St. Lucia, on their way to Trinidad that Kumble had resigned.

Off The Front Page

A man, in east Delhi's GTB enclave, cut off his step daughter's ears and claimed that he did so on the command of ghosts. Thankfully, he was arrested before he could slash her neck.

Latest projections by the UN population division has shown that by 2030, the entire world will have 8.6 billion people. The numbers projected India's population rising to 1.51 billion by 2030.

Even as Darjeeling burns, with the protests for Gorkhaland intensifying, the district administration has blacked out regional and local television channels. The move comes after internet services were suspended. Officials have said that this was a "speedy remedy for the maintenance of public tranquility."


Madhavi Goradia Diven writes in The Indian Express that the internet has become the recruiting ground for terrorists and it was time for the democratic world to come together and fight it.

An editorial in The Times of India explains that while the importance of Aadhaar has extended in India with the TB patients requiring it to avail cash benefits from the government, its legal ecosystem needs a big upgrade.

The BJP's masterstroke of fielding Ram Nath Kovind as a candidate for president has 'punctured' the BSP's political movement for Dalits and chief Mayawati's dreams, writes Sunita Aron in The Hindustan Times.