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The Morning Wrap: Test Of Patriotism; Crisis In Indian Cricket

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The outcome of the recent India-Pakistan cricket match turned out to be a deadly litmus test of loyalty and patriotism to the country. Sandip Roy shows how the truth is always more complicated in such cases.

From Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Baba Ramdev, India's political and spiritual leaders achieved some serious moves during World Yoga Day, though the nation is yet to capitalise on the cult as the US has done.

World Music Day was also celebrated on Wednesday for which we gave our admiring nods to two stars, Kalki Koechlin and the fab four from Liverpool.


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Main News

As details of the tiff between outgoing Indian cricket coach Anil Kumble and skipper Virat Kohli trickle in, such as the two allegedly didn't speak to each other for the past six months, the Cricket Advisory Committee has widened its search for a replacement, considering possibilities like Ravi Shashtri.

The Opposition leaders are in a tizzy over fielding candidates for the upcoming presidential elections, with a few supporting the BJP's nominee Ram Nath Kovind, while others, like the Congress, offering Meira Kumar as their choice.

Sedition charges were slapped on 5 people in Bikaner, Rajasthan, a day after 15 others were booked for similar offences in Madhya Pradesh, and dozens were held across the country for celebrating Pakistan's victory in cricket over India.

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The arrest of absconding Kolkata High Court judge Justice CS Karnan has opened a can of worms about his conduct in the past. Several of his colleagues had allegedly asked for transfers, after being intimidated by his threats.

Patients suffering from tuberculosis will need an Aadhaar number to avail themselves of cash benefits though they won't be denied diagnosis or treatment if they don't have one, the health ministry said.

After a series of allegations of sexual harassment at workplace and aggressive behaviour, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick stepped down from his role, indicating a major shake-up in the company's top notches.


An editorial in the Hindustan Times explains why charging citizens with sedition for raising pro-Pakistan slogans after the country's win in a cricket match goes against the basic tenets of India's democracy.

In The Indian Express economist Kaushik Basu says India's diminished presence in important global debates should worry us all.

The education system in India must treat mental health as an important goal of public good in its own right, writes Hemachandran Karah in The Hindu.

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