19 Epic, Endangered Places You Should Visit Before It's Too Late

The world is full of beautiful places, but not all of them will stay that way.

This week, UNESCO released its annual state of conservation reports, which outline which of its famous designated World Heritage Sites are in danger of losing the historic, cultural or natural characteristics that made them World Heritage Sites in the first place.

Places on the “Danger List” face threats like soil erosion, lack of water and poor land management, to name a few. The World Heritage Committee prepares conservation reports for these places so it can discuss ways to better protect and conserve them if needed.

Tourism can harm the world’s wonders, but it can also help them when done responsibly. Below, find 19 places from UNESCO’s conservation reports that warrant a responsible visit. To compile this list, we pulled spots that appear on the Danger List, omitting any that come with travel warnings form the U.S. State Department. While such places are no less important, it’s not recommended that you visit them now, typically because of war, crime, or other dangers.

Peruse the options below, pack your bags, and check out UNESCO’s reports for more information on why these places are endangered and how you can help.