16/06/2017 2:28 PM IST | Updated 16/06/2017 2:29 PM IST

WATCH: Mysuru Teenager Set Yoga World Record By Performing This Aasana 15 Times In One Minute

13-year-old Kushi performed the Niraalamba Poorna Chakrasana.

With the International Yoga Day only a few days ahead, a Mysuru girl contributed to India's excellence in the meditation and exercise form, by setting a new world record.

Kushi H, a 13-year-old girl on Thursday achieved a feat of performing the Niraalamba Poorna Chakrasana or the Back Plank Recline Cruncher, fifteen times in one minute, reported Hindustan Times.

The aasana, which requires one to recline backwards and touch one's head to one's heel, is considered one of the more difficult aasanas in Yoga.

Kushi said she drew her inspiration from a contestant on the popular TV show America's Got Talent, and decided to practice the same.

"A contestant from Tokyo performed the same asana, which made my want to practice it and try to achieve a world record. I am glad it was successful. In the future, I would like to hold many more such records and do in-depth research in the field of yoga," Kushi told ANI.

While Kushi has only been practicing Yoga for three years or so, she has already won many accolades.

Earlier this month another teenager from south India had broken a world record after being inspired by previous title owner's feat. Chennai boy PK Arumugam had set a world record by being the only person to solve most number of Rubik's cubes, while riding a bicycle.

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