When Legendary Footballer Carles Puyol Turned Andheri Metro Station Into A Football Ground


Last month, former football World Cup champion Carles Puyol had paid a visit to India. During his stay, he visited Mumbai. (Even Coldplay did, so why not?)

Puyol, the FC Barcelona and Spain legend probably wanted to get a taste of Mumbai. So he decided to hop on to the Andheri metro. But first, he did a slight makeover. He added a beard and went out on his adventure at around 10 pm at night. Puyol didn't forget to carry his football.

In no time, Puyol turned the metro station into a football ground. A bunch of people started playing with him, without recognising who he is. Till, of course, he took off that beard.

He just shared the video on his Facebook page. You can watch it here.

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