15/06/2017 10:24 AM IST | Updated 15/06/2017 10:39 AM IST

Watch: Two Grown-Ass BJP Politicians Had An Audible Spat At Public Event In MP

The MP accuses the minister of running a 'chor dhanda'.

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In an incident that left the ruling BJP in Madhya Pradesh red-faced, the state's Agriculture Minister Gaurishankar Bisen and the Balaghat MP Bodh Singh Bhagat during a 'sabka saath sabka vikaas' programme in the constituency.

The heated exchange between the two BJP leaders was recorded and the video shows them exchanging barbs while people continue to be felicitated with shawls.

At a time when farmers in Madhya Pradesh have held protests against the government, the two had a heated argument over the benefit of farmers.

Times Now reports that Bisen got angry with a farmer who had approached him over the non-availability of seeds and compost.

Noticing this, Bhagat expressed his displeasure, and the fight ensued.

While much of the audio is inaudible, Bhagat is heard saying, "Maine kisan ke hit mein bola (whatever I said is for the benefit of the farmer.)"

While Bisen tells the Bhagat that "I won't come for your events," Bhagat retorts saying, "Don't come."

Then Bhagat is also heard telling Bisen, "You run 'chor dhanda' and then throw attitude."

Bisen had allegedly asked security people present to remove the farmer over his complaints.

Watch the video here:

Bisen ultimately walked out of the event.

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