15/06/2017 12:50 PM IST | Updated 15/06/2017 12:53 PM IST

This Kerala School Is Reducing The Burden On Its Students With A Pick-Up Facility For Their Bags

A great initiative.

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Remember the dread of lugging a heavy school bag everyday? A primary school in Kerala has come up with a brilliant solution. They are picking up bags of students from designated points in neighbourhoods to reduce the burden on these children.

The Times of India reported that GM Upper Primary School in Kattampally the initiative was to promote walking among students and that about 300 hundreds students were availing the facility.

The school has still not provided for the bags to be dropped back home because of logistical reasons. but the students are happy nonetheless.

A Class VII student Fathimathul Rafa told The Times of India, "It's fun walking without a bag."

A teacher told the newspaper that the initiative was started last year. It is free as of now, but the school plans to start charing Rs 15- Rs 20 per student, per month for the facility.

The bags are picked by a van from different localities and are unloaded on the school veranda.

A similar initiative was reported about earlier this month with Maharashtra's school education department announcing that it will conduct checks in schools to ensure students were not carrying school bags that were too heavy.

The Hindustan Times had reported that the government had notified all education officers that the weight of the school bags should not exceed 10% of the child's weight.

And while this Kerala school has taken this initiative to reduce the burden on its students, it would be great if schools across the country emulate this or take other steps to solve the school bag problem.

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