This Video Is A Beautiful Ode To Adventurous Women

A new video is paying homage to all the badass women who love adventure.

On June 12, clothing company Outdoors Research published a video on Facebook, titled “Where The Wild Things Play.” The video begins with three dudes sitting at a bar scrolling through Tinder, but not one of them can find an available woman near them to match with. Finally one guy asks: “Where are the ladies at?” and the screen cuts to women doing some truly mind-blowing outdoor sports.

The 4-minute video features a beautiful succession of women hiking, skiing, rock climbing, biking and more ― all set to the song “Long Skirt Short Jacket” by Cake.

Filmmaker Krystle Wright, who made the video, told HuffPost that she wanted to create a short that highlighted women being active outdoors because women simply aren’t represented enough in adventure films.

“For the past 5 years or so, there’s been the typical question that was thrown around at the adventure film festivals asking ‘Why aren’t there more females?’” Wright said. “It gets to a point where some action needs to be taken rather than continually talking about the subject... I just wanted to take a light-hearted approach whilst making a statement that there are plenty of ladies out there ripping it in the backcountry. Rather [than] ask where are they, let’s celebrate who is there so we can show others that it is possible.”

After the video was posted Monday, it quickly went viral. As of Wednesday morning, “Where The Wild Things Play” had over 6,500 likes and 10,000 shares.

Many commenters pointed out that the video lacked diversity, featuring almost exclusively white women. Wright told HuffPost she’s relatively new to filmmaking and she hopes to fix this error in her next project.

“As a filmmaker, I have to own up to the fact that I did not look at the bigger picture and how much more I could’ve achieved with this piece,” she said. “I love receiving criticism and feedback as next time around I can continue to evolve and grow from this and hopefully become a more mature filmmaker with more attention to planning beforehand.”

Check out a few stunning moments from the short film below: