14/06/2017 11:06 AM IST | Updated 14/06/2017 11:06 AM IST

Mumbai Auto-Rickshaw Driver Scores 61% Marks In SSC Exam With His Daughter's Help

"Papa, padhai ki koi seema nahi hoti, koi umra nahi hoti."

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"Papa, padhai ki koi seema nahi hoti, koi umra nahi hoti..."

These words by said by the daughter of an Mumbai-based auto-rickshaw driver, inspired him to do something that he had always wanted to do — clear the Class X exam.

Now, with the help of his daughter, Sharif Abdul Samad Khan has finally passed the SSC exam, that too, with with First Class, reported The Indian Express.

Sharif's daughter Rukhsar, who recently cleared the Class XII exam, tutored her father for a few hours every day and helped him score 61 per cent marks in the SSC exam.

He told The Times of India:

"I drive rickshaw for eight hours and study 2 or 3 hours in the evening. My children encouraged me to pursue my education... It is the key to change our lives and end our sufferings."

Sharif had dropped out of Class IX in 1991, due to his financial situation. But after sending his four children to school, he decided that he too should complete his education.

He is now thinking about joining a night college to maintain regularity in his studies.

But for now, the Khan family is planning a celebration in their chawl apartment in Mulund.

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