Chris Evans Denounces NBC For Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones Interview

Megyn Kelly’s upcoming interview with Alex Jones has already received a slew of backlash. Now, actor Chris Evans is adding his voice to those critical of NBC for giving the far-right radio show host and conspiracy theorist a platform.

Captain America thinks the network should scrap the interview between Kelly and Jones, whose conspiracy theories range from claiming 9/11 was an “inside job” to calling the Sandy Hook massacre a hoax perpetrated by “actors.” He took to Twitter to call out NBC for what he perceives to be a ratings agenda:

Evans, along with other celebrities and media figures, including Nelba Marquez-Greene ― a mother whose 6-year-old daughter was killed in the 2012 shooting ― spoke out against Kelly’s interview with Jones, set to air in full on Sunday, June 18.

For her part, Kelly responded to a Twitter user who said she “will help legitimize” Jones by giving him a national platform, saying that President Donald Trump has already done that.

”Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” premiered last week to 6.1 million viewers with Kelly’s interview with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. TV By The Numbers reported Monday that her second episode dipped to 4.35 million viewers.

Reps for NBC and Kelly were not immediately available to comment.