09/06/2017 3:47 PM IST | Updated 09/06/2017 3:51 PM IST

'Thaane Mein Aag Laga Do': Video Shows Congress MLA Instigating Arson Amid Protests By Farmers In Madhya Pradesh

Shame indeed.

Twitter/Tajinder Bagga

Even as the Congress and the ruling BJP are exchanging barbs over the violence in Madhya Pradesh's Mansaur, a video has emerged where a Congress MLA is seen instigating people during a protest to set fire to police stations,

The video Khatik saying, "Thaane mein aag laga do, thaane mein aag laga do (set fire to the police station)," amid chants of protesters.

It is seen in the video that Khatik is saying this with impunity as a police officer stands right in front of her.

The video shared by BJP spokesperson Tajinder Bagga went viral. Bagga criticised the incident in his tweet, calling it shameful.

The incident took place in Shivpuri, which is almost 400 kms away from Mandsaur, the epicentre of the protests in Madhya Pradesh. Since the protests began in Mandsaur, they have spread across the state.

The protest began last week and resulted in the death of five people because, according to reports, the police had to open fire as protesters turned violent.

Khatik's video comes only a day after the BJP had alleged that the violence was being instigated by the Congress.

"The Congress is instigating and politicising the issue. It should stop doing that and behave as a responsible political party to help restore normalcy there," Naidu had said.

And while Rahul Gandhi tried to reach Mandsaur and were arrested and later release on Thursday, Naidu called it a photo opportunity.

He said that the Congress was politicising the protest and going there for photo ops and doing nothing for the farmers.

This video, meanwhile, wouldn't do well for the Congress as it has so far blamed the BJP-led Centre and state governments for the protests.

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