07/06/2017 10:17 PM IST | Updated 07/06/2017 10:17 PM IST

With An Appetite For Money, Goat In UP Feasts On Currency Worth Rs 62,000

The mascot for cashless India?

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In a rather bizarre incident, a goat in Uttar Pradesh's Kannauj district left his owner absolutely devastated after he decided to feast on currency notes worth Rs 62,000.

The goat belongs to a farmer named Sarvesh Pal who lives in Silapur village. Pal wanted to comtruct his house and had borrowed some money from his brother for the same.

Blame it on the heat but Pal took off his trousers, with Rs 66,000 stuffed in the pocket, hung it on a peg and went to take a quick shower. "I was going to buy bricks from the kiln; I thought of taking a bath before going," he told ANI.

By the time Pal was done with his bath, his dear pet goat had munched through 31 notes in the denomination of Rs 2,000, a total of Rs 62,000. Only two notes were left but even they seemed to have been nibbled at.

Pal who is the youngest of five brothers lives in the village with his family while all his brothers work in urban areas.

He is extremely upset about the incident and has decided to sell off all his goats.

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