07/06/2017 1:47 PM IST | Updated 07/06/2017 1:51 PM IST

Missing Delhi Cop Surfaces As The Alleged Mastermind Behind ATM Robberies Across India

Cop Aslup Khan has been missing since 15 December.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

When a top investigator from Delhi Police's crime branch went missing over six months ago, little did his peers know that his name would come back to them as a suspect's.

According to a report in The Times of India, noted cop Aslup Khan's name has sprung up in the case of a series of ATM robberies across India. In fact, according to another suspect, he's the 'mastermind' of the entire operation.

A special investigation team of the Kerala police recently arrested a 37-year-old suspect, Suresh, who confessed that Khan and his 'gang' were involved in a series of ATM robberies. He claimed that he knew Khan as he was one of his informers.

Suresh, who claimed that his role was to 'scout' for 'lucrative' ATMs in Kerala for future robberies, gave further details such as the frequency with which they changed their vehicles' number plates, the care with which they 'managed' mobile phones and the hotels they stayed in.

He even added that Khan made use of his professional skills to make sure that no money was burnt when they cracked opened an ATM with the help of gas cutters.

Allegedly, Khan even used his official credentials to get out of police security checks.

Khan is originally from Mewat, had taken a month's leave on 15 December. He later extended that leave, and finally failed to show up to work. The police suspended him and withheld his salary.


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