05/06/2017 11:28 AM IST | Updated 05/06/2017 11:32 AM IST

Cricket Tournament Winners In Vadodra Awarded Cows

A calf each was presented to members of the winning team.

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You might think that you have heard and seen all there is related to our current national obsession — the holy cow. But your bovine jaded sensibilities surely didn't see this coming. The latest out of Gujarat is that members of the winning team in a cricket tournament have been awarded — you guessed it — cows as prizes.

The tournament was organised by Gujarat's Rabari community in Vadodara and the organisers decided that awarding cows to the winners would be a great way to raise awareness about the animal, according to an ANI report.

A Gyr calf was given to each member of the winning team. Prakash Rabari, one of the orgnaisers, told ANI that cow is a vital component of their society and a key source of livelihood, and that they have always protected cows.

Raju Rabari, a player who apparently was quite happy with his prize, said, "We want the state to recognise the cow as the national animal. Only then can we save them."

It wasn't just Raju. According to the ANI report, the players were all immensely happy with their prize and wanted to send a message across India about the importance of the cow.

No word yet on whether the proud owners of the calves will also get a year's supply of hay as part of their prizes.