05/06/2017 9:16 PM IST | Updated 05/06/2017 9:19 PM IST

Coolers Bring Momentary Relief To Patients In UP Hospital, Taken Away After Yogi Adityanath's Visit

Not again!

Jitendra Prakash / Reuters

Remember how sofas and an air-conditioner was installed in a martyr's home in Uttar Pradesh's Deoria ahead of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's visit, and then they were all taken away? It has happened again, this time with coolers in a hospital.

NDTV reports that coolers -- around 20 of them -- were installed at the Swaroop Rani Nehru hospital in Allahabad ahead of Adityanath's visit and while it brought relief to patient's from the overwhelming for a little while, they were carted away after his visit.

Adityanath was visiting he bone disease department.

The incident comes a couple of days after the chief minister had told officials that there was no need to make special arrangements for him when he was on tour of the state.

PTI had quoted him as saying, "Honouring the people of the state is, in fact, the honour of the chief minister. No special arrangements should be made for me during visits, inspections and other programmes. we are people who sit on the floor."

Clearly, the officials have not put Adityanath's instruction to practice yet.

While relatives of patients confirmed the news to NDTV, hospital authorities denied it.

The NDTV report quoted Dr Karunakar Dwivedi, Chief Medical Superintendent of the hospital as saying, "We have about 75 to 80 coolers in the hospital. They are deployed in wards. Yesterday, just one or two coolers were not working and the technician in-charge of making arrangements for the chief minister's visit offered to replace them. So we said yes. It is not true that we brought in over 20 coolers. I don't know what the patients are saying, really, but it is not true," said

The directions of not making special arrangements came after the incident at martyred BSF jawan Prem Sagar's home.

At Sagar's home it was not just an AC and sofa, but new curtains were put on the doors and windows and a carpet was also placed on the floor.

"Within half an hour of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's departure from the village, all these things-the AC, curtains, sofas, towels- were taken away from here," a family member told ANI.

Reports alleged that within 24 hours, the dusty road that led to the Prem Sagar's home was turned into a concrete road. Open drains were covered and a health centre that had remained closed all the time had begun functioning.

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