01/06/2017 7:24 PM IST | Updated 01/06/2017 7:26 PM IST

How A BJP Leader's Love For Golgappa Cost Him Over ₹1 Lakh


Hindustan Times via Getty Images
BJP leader Vijay Jolly.

Wednesday was a terrible day for Vijay Jolly.

The BJP leader was travelling to his friend's house in Janakpuri, when he stopped as he noticed a popular chaat store. He parked his car and went to get some golgappas, when somebody broke into his car and took away his laptop, handbag, his digital camera and other valuables.

When he got back to resume his journey, all that was left in the car were the vegetables he had bought on the way.

The BJP leader was with another friend.

"I am still in shock. Along with my flight ticket for Cambodia, I also lost a compact disc (CD) that had pictures of me taming tigers in Thailand's tiger park," he told India Today. Jolly has reportedly lost some important documents in the robbery.

A Hindustan Times report noted that Jolly spotted the two motorcycle-borne suspects soon after the crime. However, he could not chase them down because of a traffic jam.

After a few eye-witnesses gave description of the robbers, Jolly walked around a little to find the Splendour motorcycle without a number plate parked near a liquor shop.

"I chased them for some distance and I was very close to nabbing them but a bad traffic ended my chase. The thieves sped away on their bike," he told HT.

The police has registered a case and they are scanning CCTV footage from the area to identify the culprits.

"If an ex-MLA can be targeted so easily, imagine the fate of the common people," Jolly said.

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