Having One Of These Houseplants In Your Room Can Help You Sleep Better

In addition to a certain shade of pink, it seems that millennials are obsessed with houseplants. Apparently it's because we live in more rented apartments than ever before, so it's our way of having our own little patch of greenery.

Aesthetics aside though, indoor plants are also good for our health. In particular, some can aid with better sleep, and who doesn't want more shut-eye?

Take Golden Pothos for example. The leaves of the plant purify the air, but the real nifty part is the soil, which works to actually filter air. It can remove up to 70 percent of benzene and formaldehyde in a 24-hour period, making it great for people who might be experiencing breathing issues.

For more clever plants that can aid in a good night's sleep, check out the below infographic. But remember if you have pets (particularly cats), always check if the plant you have your eye on is poisonous to animals.


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