31/05/2017 7:19 PM IST | Updated 31/05/2017 7:48 PM IST

Dear Rajasthan High Court Judge, Hate To Break It To You, But Peacocks Do Have Sex

Read this again: HIGH COURT JUDGE.

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The Rajasthan High Court judge who wants the cow to be declared the national animal of India and wants to ensure that those who kill it be given life terms, has some bizarre understanding of the animal world.

He not only believes that the cow -- 'the most superior animal' in his words -- breathes in oxygen and breathes out the same, he has some really confusing opinion on how peahens reproduce.

In an exclusive interview to CNN-New18, Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma said that the peacock is a "Bramhachari". Justice Sharma said that peacocks and peahens don't have sex. In fact, according to him, the way they reproduce will put all evolution scientists to shame. The judge said that peahens get pregnant by drinking the tears of the peacocks.

We did a quick search and found out the judge was essentially stating a very popular myth. It finds a mention in the Mahabharata. The myth goes that when the peacock dances spreading its feathers, the peahen gets attracted and goes to the male partner. The peacock then has tears it its eyes (We're not sure whether its tears of joy or sorrow) which the peahen drinks. And voila! It's pregnant.

According to this theory, this is why Lord Krishna is seen wearing a peacock feather on his head. Because, not having sex apparently makes that species really shuddh or chaste.

Justice Sharma isn't the only one. There are too many people who believe in this myth. In fact, Quora has many a threads dedicated to just busting this myth.

But the problem is unlike all these anonymous Quora users, Justice Sharma is a High Court judge. And if he's unable to differentiate between myth and reality, we have a legit face palm moment.

So, just to help Justice Sharma, we decided to share a few videos of peacocks and peahens and how they reproduce. Yes, like exactly what you were taught in your Biology class.

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