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The Morning Wrap: Growth Bubble Bursts; What Indian Muslim Women Seek

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The latest numbers show that India is no longer the fastest-growing economy in the world, overtaken by China in the first quarter of 2017. Here are 5 points to know about this twist in the economic narrative.

Is the Islamic triple talaq all that different from the way modern couples split? Or is it really a less painful way of separation than a messy divorce would allow? Manu Joseph asks some hard questions.

While actor Priyanka Chopra's photo op with the Indian PM in Berlin was much commented on, she hadn't bargained for the controversy that would result from her selfies at the Holocaust memorial there.

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US President Donald Trump has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement, a decision that is bound to have a lasting effect internationally, especially on efforts to contain climate change.

The recent debate on the abolition of triple talaq and polygamy has brought the focus on Muslim women in India. But what are the challenges facing them and affecting their lives in this country?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described Russia as a natural ally ahead of his talks with President Vladimir Putin that is expected to focus on multilateral issues.

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The battle over beef just became more intense with a BJP leader in Meghalaya announcing a beef party to celebrate three years of Narendra Modi's government at the Centre. The party has, no surprise, threatened to sack him if he goes ahead.

A woman from Germany is suspected to be running a network of ISIS sympathisers on the instant messaging app Telegram. Known by her alias 'Nau Lee' is believed to be motivating youth to join the 'cause', including Indians.

The Indian economy's sluggish growth rates may have a correlation with the scars wrought on the body politic by the government's move to demonetise high-value currencies last year. Read more.


In The Indian Express, political scholar Apoorvanand writes about the way the relationship between the Indian state, army and the citizenry is being disturbingly rewritten in the light of recent developments.

Why does south India find the BJP more palatable now, with major names like Rajinikanth likely to join the party? Shiv Visvanathan mulls over this question in the Hindustan Times.

Looking back on the recent explosion at a music concert in Manchester, Swapan Dasgupta explains why all of Europe has turned into a soft target for jihadis in The Telegraph.

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