30/05/2017 8:45 PM IST | Updated 30/05/2017 8:46 PM IST

Bengali Actor Vikram Chatterjee Charged With Culpable Homicide For Sonika Singh Chauhan's Death

He was found drunk during the car crash that killed Sonika.

Vikram Chatterjee in a poster from his upcoming film 'Khoj'.

KOLKATA -- Bengali actor Vikram Chatterjee was on Tuesday charged with culpable homicide for model Sonika Chauhan's death in a car accident.

Chatterjee was found inebriated while driving a car that led to the death of Sonika.

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Chatterjee was booked by the police under Sections 304A (causing death due to negligence) and 279 (rash or negligent driving) of the Indian Penal Code.

Chatterjee said he was deeply sorry for Sonika's family's loss, adding that he was not driving in an inebriated state.


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