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How This National-Level Shooter Rescued Her Kidnapped Brother-In-Law In Delhi

The real revolver rani.

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It could have been a scene from a Bollywood action flick, but it did take happen in Delhi for real.

A national-level shooter shot at two men in a bid to rescue her brother-in-law, who had been abducted by them. Thirty-three year old Ayisha Falaq has always carried her .32 bore pistol, as Times Of India reported. But she had never used it before to rescue anyone.

It all started when Falaq's 21-year-old brother-in-law, Asif, a Delhi University student who is also a cab driver, had gone to the city's Daryaganj area on Thursday to pick up two passengers. The two men had booked the cab to Shastri Nagar but once the cab arrived, they overpowered the driver and took him to a village called Bhopra, near the Haryana border.

When they realised the driver had only ₹150 on him, they beat him up. Then they called his family at 1am and demanded a ransom of ₹25,000 to be dropped at Shastri Park.

A report in NDTV says Falaq and her husband, Falaq Sher Alam, informed the police but also decided to go to the spot themselves. The men had suspected the couple would get the police along with them, so they drove away from Shastri Park once they reached.

Ayisha and her husband then started following the abductors and were tailed by the police. Eventually, they were led to a lonely park at Bhajanpura.

Upon reaching the spot, when Asif saw his brother and sister-in-law, he loosened himself from the grip of the abductors. Before they could do anything, Ayisha shot at the men, hitting on one on his foot and the other on his waist.

The police, who had reached by then, nabbed the abductors as they were trying to make their escape.

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